The Barbican PresentS

A new DOCUMENTARY about Beatie Wolfe

The Film

‘Musical weirdo and visionary’ (Vice) Beatie Wolfe presents an experiential evening of film, live performance and conversation

In Oliver Sacks’s Musicophilia he writes ‘Music can lift us out of depression or move us to tears — it is a remedy, a tonic, orange juice for the ear.’ Taking that as inspiration, Wolfe explores what music can look like in the digital age, asking what has been lost, what can be reclaimed and what remains to be updated and innovated. Following the premiere of a documentary about her work (directed by Ross Harris), Wolfe will perform live and take part in a Q&A

A singer-songwriter of raw acoustic indie rock that channels Leonard Cohen and Elliott Smith, Wolfe also pioneers new formats for music. Reuniting digital and physical in retro-future ways she has created a theatre in the palm of your hand, a wearable record ‘jacket’, the ‘anti-stream’ from the world's quietest room, and beamed her record into space using the Holmdel Horn Antenna

‘Beatie Wolfe: Orange Juice for the Ears: From Space Beam to Anti-Streams’ is premiered in London October 8th, 2019

The Barbican is commissioning a new documentary about Beatie Wolfe’s music, innovations & approach titled ‘Orange Juice for the Ears: From Space Beam to Anti-Streams’ - book premiere tkts (+)


From Green To Red

An Environmental Statement of Our Times

From Green To Red by Beatie Wolfe with The Mill

Art rebel Beatie Wolfe creates a stirring environmental art piece about human impact on the planet, built using 800,000 years of historic data.

Can the union of art, music and technology provoke social change? UN role model for innovation Beatie Wolfe and award winning SFX company The Mill reimagine the music video format (and protest song), taking the audience on a journey through the planet’s timeline via an immersive, endlessly evolving, interactive art piece.

From Green to Red (taken from the title of a song Wolfe wrote in 2006 after seeing An Inconvenient Truth) will track the impact of human behaviour on the planet, using 800,000 years of historic data to create a stirring visualization of the CO2 concentration in the Earth’s atmosphere

On Oct 8th The Barbican host the BETA preview, in the Life Rewired Hub, audiences will get a chance to see this powerful environmental installation before it goes on to its official premiere at SXSW

orange juice for the ears

The Barbican commissioned documentary (out Oct 8, 2019)

The Barbican commissioned documentary (out Oct 8, 2019)

The DUBLAB radio show & podcast (on air now)

The DUBLAB radio show & podcast (on air now)

Beatie Wolfe’s celebration of the power of music

Orange Juice for the Ears with Beatie Wolfe

a live radio show where guests share their musical DNA or “orange juice for the ears” with Beatie Wolfe’s

The Radio Show

dublab radio - Orange Juice for the Ears with Beatie Wolfe artwork


A live radio show exploring the power of music across Space, Science, Art, Health, Film & Technology “musical weirdo and visionary” (Vice) Beatie Wolfe talks to the leading luminaries in each field, from Nobel Laureates to Tony-winning artists, and hears the music that has most impacted them: their "Orange Juice for the Ears". The show airs globally from LA’s legendary station dublab radio (a non-profit, radio station dedicated to the growth of music, art and culture since 1999)

Dublab Radio Podcast

Following the live radio show the conversation is uploaded as a podcast. For rights reasons the music is shortened

The Podcast