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Named by WIRED Magazine as one of "12 folk changing the world this year" and by Highsnobiety as a 2017 game-changer, singer-songwriter Beatie Wolfe is at the forefront of pioneering new formats for music, which reunite tangibility, storytelling & ceremony to the album in this digital age. In this vein, Wolfe has created a series of world’s-first designs that bridge the tangible and digital, which include: a 3D vinyl for the iPhone; an intelligent album deck of cards; a Musical Jacket - designed by the tailor who dressed Bowie, Jagger and Hendrix and cut from fabric woven with Wolfe’s music - and most recently the world's first live 360 ̊ AR album stream, broadcast from the quietest room on earth

Beatie Wolfe is the definition of a 21st century artist and perhaps the only musician to have her album's art exhibited in London's V&A Museum, address the VPs of Apple and scientists of NASA on innovation, have an audience with Her Majesty The Queen and have the American Alzheimer's Association adopt the findings from her Power of Music & Dementia study all within a year. Forbes calls Wolfe "an Artist with a capital A", and "a true pioneer" for mixing her music with art, technology, science and taking it to entirely new dimensions


Critics have described Beatie Wolfe as "ground-breaking" by Fast Company, "brilliant" by GQ, “breathtaking" by The New York Times, "bleeding edge" by WIRED, "extraordinary" by BBC R4, "mesmerising" by MOJO, "pioneering" by Tech Crunch, "enchanting" by The New Scientist, "amazing" by KCRW, "ingenious" by Huffington Post

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Wolfe's Keynotes & talks

Imprinting in the streaming age (Me Convention)  |  A Truly Tailored Album Release (DLD)  |  Power of Music and Dementia (Social Innovation Summit)  |  Seeing Music Differently (WIRED)  |  Artist with a Capital A (Forbes)  |  Ceremony, Tangibility, and Storytelling (V&A Museum)  |  The Definition of a 21st Century Artist (GQ)  |  Tangibility for the Tech Generation (The Royal Institute)  |  Bridging the Digital and Tangible (SXSW)


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Raw Space - World's 1st live 360 ar stream  (may 2017)

A “Fantasia” experience for the album in the streaming age...

Beatie Wolfe releases her latest album Raw Space as the world's first live 360˚ AR stream which combined live, 360˚ stereoscopic video and real-time AR visuals to create a modern, Fantasia-like live streamed album experience. The Raw Space experience has been described as "like walking around in a dream someone had made for me" by The New Scientist, "an extraordinary production: music and visuals" by BBC Radio 4 and "utterly groundbreaking" by Fast Company

Earlier this year, the needle dropped in the most silent room on Earth. A record played, streaming live in anechoic sound to anyone who logged in, on repeat for a week. Words, colours, and fantastic visions leapt from the grooves, as synced visuals created a 360˚ world of imagery to complement each song in full augmented reality. And every time the record played, the visuals evolved making you feel like the album was coming to life around you

This is Raw Space, the latest “world’s-first” album experience by British singer-songwriter and digital art-innovator Beatie Wolfe, in collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs and Design I/O (and with personal support from Alphabet's Eric Schmidt). Part-installation, part sonic experience, part technical feat it evokes the spirit of Cage for his explorations of sound and Warhol for his explorations of visual art - both past collaborators of Bell Labs’ for its E.A.T. programme with Wolfe ushering in the new era. But really, at it’s core, Raw Space is an album... and a great one

Watch Raw Space in 360 ̊ or Virtual Reality VR via:

an extraordinary production: music and visuals
— BBC Worldwide

Project Timeline

Raw Space live AR broadcast was conceived by Wolfe Sept 2016 and streamed May 2017  


Raw Space - The Galactic Broadcast  (Oct 2017)

The Raw Sound enters the rawest Space...

Beatie Wolfe beamed her album Raw Space into Space using the historic Holmdel Horn that proved the Big Bang and with the help of the Nobel Prize winning scientist, Robert Wilson, who made the discovery of CMB

Robert had to make the first update to this Horn (which is classified a national historic landmark) in 50 years to make sure Beatie's music got past the earth's atmosphere and to our Galactic green friends

The broadcast was not of the studio version of the Raw Space album, but the raw anechoic recordings (no reverb, echo, effects)! The idea being that for the first time ever, the rawest and purest sound would enter the rawest Space

Not only was this the first time the Holmdel Horn has made a music x space broadcast, but it's also the first time that anechoic sound has gone into Space

Montagu Square - The Musical Jacket  (2016)

Fashioning music into Art: A truly Tailored Album Release...

Beatie Wolfe released her second album Montagu Square as a one off Musical Jacket - cut by the tailor who dressed Bowie, Hendrix and Jagger out of fabric woven with her music, recorded in the historic 34 Montagu Square. Tech Crunch called the Musical Jacket "spectacular" and praised Wolfe for "making music physical again, in a very literal way." Wolfe's Musical Jacket has been showcased at SXSW '16, DLD '16, Apple HQ, Beats HQ and has been exhibited for Her Majesty the Queen and at the London's V&A Museum for the 'Records and Rebels' exhibition

Beatie Wolfe recorded the new single ‘Take Me Home’ for her second album Montagu Square in the former home of Hendrix, McCartney, Ringo, Lennon & Yoko Ono and in the same room where Hendrix wrote ‘The Wind Cries Mary’ & McCartney penned ‘Eleanor Rigby.’ Wolfe’s single – recorded to an audience of the founding fathers of British Rock journalism and the new guard of NME, WIRED, the BBC – was translated (complete with its ambient sound, resonance of the room, audience applause) into a woven fabric by textiles artist BeatWoven, who reveals the geometric patterning of music via coded audio technology. The woven silk fabric was then cut by Savile Row tailor Mr Fish (who dressed Hendrix, Jagger, Bowie in the ‘60s) into the first Musical Jacket of its kind: Wolfe’s ‘Take Me Home’ Jacket. The Jacket has also been NFC-enabled, allowing people to hear the single by tapping their phone onto the fabric

With Montagu Square, I wanted to celebrate the art of music and make people really appreciate music as art... so the Musical Jacket was the perfect embodiment of this
— Beatie Wolfe

Project Timeline

Wolfe imagined her Musical Jacket in June '16, recorded the album Sept '15 & showcased to The Queen in June '16 


Montagu Square - the Album Deck of Cards  (2015)

A Musical Deck of Cards, bridging the tangible and digital...

In addition to her Musical Jacket, Wolfe released her second album Montagu Square as the world's first NFC Album Deck, marking a new intersection between technology and music. The Montagu Square Deck has been described as "a brilliant idea that transcends novelty" by The Next Web and "bleeding edge" by WIRED. It was premiered at London's Serpentine Gallery and sold in London's Victoria & Albert Museum

The Montagu Square Album Deck comes as a pack of beautifully printed cards with each card corresponding to each track off the album and featuring artwork, lyrics and an embedded Near Field Communication (NFC) chip – allowing listeners to tap the song cards onto their phone to play the music and access its content

Company confidential share: Beatie Wolfe was invited to address Apple's VP on innovation and perform live at the Cupertino Apple HQ theatre. As part of her talk she showcased her world's first NFC album deck using a Microsoft phone, which was the first non-Apple demo allowed in the theatre

8ight - World's First 3D Album App (2013) 

A Vinyl for Your Phone, a Theatre for the Palm of your Hand...

Beatie Wolfe released her debut album 8ight as a 3D interactive album app in 2012 which precedes VR/AR. GQ Magazine premiered the release across its magazine and iPad edition. Impressed by this 3D innovation, Apple invited Beatie Wolfe to be the first artist to tour all of its global event theatres: New York, London, Berlin & Tokyo. Beatie's interviewers included: Spin's Editor-in-Chief Craig Marks in New York, GQ's Commissioning Editor Charlie Burton in London and De:Bug's Founder & Editor Sascha Kösch in Berlin

Awards & Nominations

Best Digital Artist // Nominee

Google Play Music nominated Beatie Wolfe for the 'Best Digital Artist' 2016 award alongside The 1975 & Alan Walker. Wolfe was the only independent artist nominated for the award

Nomination // Wired Magazine

Wired UK chose Beatie Wolfe as one of twenty-two changing the world in 2017 alongside Julie Hanna (President Barack Obama's Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship) and Manal Al-Sharif

10 Game Changers // Highsnobiety

Highsnobiety named Beatie Wolfe as one of '10 Ways Music Will in Change 2017' alongside Grime, Bowie, Drake, T.I. and Rihanna

Future of Music // V&A Museum

London's V&A asked Wolfe to represent the "Future of Music" for it 'Records & Rebels' exhibition from the curators of 'David Bowie Is...'

Broadcast Host // Pandora at SXSW

Beatie Wolfe co-hosted Pandora Radio's stage and livestream at SXSW in 2017 alongside rapper Phonte

Amazon Music // Apple & Beats

Beatie Wolfe has done original music commissions for Amazon Music and spoken & performed at both Beats & Apple HQ

Ambassador // London Tech Week

Wolfe was invited to become a 2016 Ambassador for London Technology. Wolfe was the only artist ambassador, joining UK CEO's of Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Martha Lane Fox and Eileen Burbidge

Curator // LA Times Festival

Invited to guest-curate the newspapers first culture/tech festival exploring the art of music in the digital age. Talks inc NASA, Magic Leap, DTS, Stanford, Donick Cary, Linda Perry & Allee Willis

Nomination // The Dots

The-Dots named Wolfe a 'Creative Leaders for 2017' alongside the UK's Southbank Centre's Artistic Director, Design Museum's CEO and British Film Institute's CEO


Beatie Wolfe is a singer songwriter, innovator and co-founder of the Power of Music & Dementia study published in: The Times, Independent, BBC Radio 4, Stanford University, Forbes etc

Beatie Wolfe's study was the first to explore music's power over memory recall by evaluating the effect of unfamiliar music on a four month study across the UK... learn more


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