Get up and VOTE!


Hello All,
This is happening tomorrow and appreciate your help spreading the word.. sing if you’re feeling it :)

Step 1

Record a video of yourself singing a version of the Get Up & VOTE! Song by Linda Perry and John Legend (lyrics below). Here is an example:

*If you do not feel comfortable singing, you can tweet/post the image below, exclusively designed by Kii Arens for this campaign. Don't forget to use #GetUpAndVOTE!


Step 2

Use the following language in your post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook:

"Doesn't matter what you wear just as long as you are there. #GetUpAndVOTE!" 

Step 3

Post your video tomorrow, October 23rd at 12pm PST or as soon as you can. Thank you for participating! Every post matters and every voice counts. Curate your future!

Hey Hey, come together, 
We can make the world much better, 
Can't give up on hope, 
Gotta get up and vote, gotta get up and vote!

Coverage by The Recording Academy: