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Beatie Wolfe's Story So Far

Beatie Wolfe is an Anglo-American singer songwriter with an acoustic indie rock sound. Described by GQ as "smoky captivating melodies” and by Highsnobiety as “timeless romantic song-craft, Wolfe's music pulls from the brooding poeticism of Leonard Cohen, the tender haunting melodies of Elliott Smith and often veers into Americana territory.” Wolfe's live show has been hailed as "breathtaking" (The New York Times) and “a profound delivery of depth and soul” (BBC)  

Named by WIRED Magazine as one of "22 people changing the world,” Beatie Wolfe is at the forefront of pioneering new formats for music, which reunite tangibility, storytelling and ceremony to the album in this digital age. In this vein, Wolfe has created a series of world’s-first designs that bridge the physical and digital, including: a 3D vinyl for the palm of your hand; an intelligent album deck of cards; a wearable record jacket - cut by the tailor who dressed Bowie and Hendrix out of fabric woven with Wolfe’s music - and most recently the world's first live 360 AR stream from the quietest room on earth and a Space Beam via the Big Bang Horn

Wolfe’s work has been featured in the world’s leading museums (including a major solo exhibition at the V&A Museum), festivals, conferences and received nominations across the music, tech and art fields. Forbes calls Wolfe "an Artist with a capital A" for mixing her music with art, technology and science and taking it to entirely new dimensions. Wolfe is also the co-founder of a “profound” (The Times) research project looking at the power of music for people living with dementia


The Barbican PresentS

The Barbican is commissioning a new film about Beatie Wolfe’s music, innovations & approach titled ‘Orange Juice for the Ears: from Space Beams to Anti-Streams’ - book premiere tkts (+)


Recording with Linda Perry

Beatie Wolfe has been recording her next record with multi Grammy Award-winning producer Linda Perry for a 2019/2020 release. First track ‘Barely Living’ out now - hear/stream (+)



Orange Juice for the Ears with “musical weirdo and visionary” (Vice) Beatie Wolfe explores the power of music across Space, Science, Art, Health, Film & Technology by talking to the leading luminaries in each field from Nobel Prize winners to multi-platinum producers

Tune in to DUBLAB each Friday at 9am PDT or 5pm GMT

or listen again to all the episodes so far here (+)


UN Women “Impossible to ignore” campaign  

Beatie Wolfe featured as 1 of 9 innovators representing UN Women’s role model campaign

Beatie Wolfe was chosen to be 1 of 9 innovators to represent the UN Women “Impossible to Ignore” campaign that kicked off on International Women’s Day. With Beatie Wolfe & co’s portraits appearing all across the world from Times Square to London Underground it was “Impossible to Ignore”


The V&A PresentS


V&A Musesum Beatie Wolfe Exhibition Website Screengrabs  - square.png

Beatie Wolfe’s V&A album exhibition “The Art of Music in the Digital Age” was named as the highlight of London Design Festivals by BA’s High Life Magazine

Additional features include Wallpaper Magazine, BBC World Service, FT Weekend Magazine, Forbes, Design Milk, Icon and Creative Review

“Musical Weirdo and Visionary” (VICE) Beatie Wolfe presents a series of album innovations that explore how technology can be used to recapture a sense of storytelling, ceremony and tangibility for music in the digital age. Bridging the physical and digital and reimagining the vinyl experience in retro-future ways, these designs range from a theatre in the palm of your hand, an album as a deck of cards and wearable record “jacket”, an ‘anti-stream’ from the world’s quietest room and a Space beam from the Big Bang Horn.

Wolfe’s latest design is the Raw Space Chamber, which will allow visitors to enter an anechoic chamber and immerse themselves in a ceremonial listening experience, while live AR animations bring the album’s artwork and lyrics to life in real- time. Come hear the sound of silence, a blast from the past, and the music launched into deepest space.

Check out the full exhibition HERE


The Raw Space Beam

from the quietest room in the world, Raw Space was beamed into space via the Big Bang Horn Antenna

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Beatie Wolfe Live

Best concert I’ve been to all year
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