Barely Living

Beatie Wolfe - Barely Living cover by Ross Harris

New Track Barely Living co-written and produced by Linda Perry

Pioneering singer-songwriter/musician Beatie Wolfe - an artist who has beamed her music into space, held an acclaimed solo exhibition at the V&A Museum and been appointed a UN role model for media innovation - releases her first new track with multi-platinum producer Linda Perry and her empowering label We Are Hear. This dark Americana track coincides with the trailer release of a Barbican-commissioned documentary on Wolfe’s work, premiered at SXSW


Barely Living - Lyrics

Reading the signs
I don’t know what is mine
From the crumbs that you lay
in front of me

Holding me down
I don’t know more than doubt
In my mind, as I dream these
broken dreams

Here on the floor
I can see you so raw
With your hopes just
deflating at your feet

Cos I hope you believe in me
you don’t know how much I care
But I can’t waste my life away
for a crumb that you might spare

I’ll give you my hand
You can take all you can
With the life blowing slowly
out of me

Cos I know you believe in me
you just find it hard to say
But I won’t hold my breath for you
just to throw a bone my way

Cos I believe in romance 
I believe in trust
in truth
in dust
in me, in us

Cos I know you believe in me
so I’ll try and keep my head
and I see all we ought to be
Barely living, almost dead
Barely living, almost dead
Barely living, almost dead


© Beatie Wolfe 2019

Clay Pigeons

Released July 6th, 2018

Track recorded on Jacques Cousteau's Baja Boat

Beatie Wolfe is the only artist since Bowie to be invited by the V&A Museum to exhibit her albums for a major exhibition in September. Ahead of this, Wolfe will be releasing a few select tracks, the first being “Clay Pigeons” which was recorded on Jacques Cousteau’s US boat, off the coast of San Diego. This lo-fi, acoustic track (with its double tracked voice/guitar & stripped back production) was mastered by David Lynch’s sound designer in LA


Distributed By - AWAL (Kobalt)
Copyright (c) - Beatie Wolfe
Phonographic Copyright (p) - Beatie Wolfe
Recorded - Aboard the "Just Love" (pictured)

Vocals, Guitar, Co-producer - Beatie Wolfe
Bass, Engineer, Co-producer - Blake Dean
Mastered by - Soundwell
Songwriter - Blaze Foley

Little Moth - Live from Bell Labs Anechoic Chamber

ReleaseD May 11th, 2018

'Little Moth' recorded in the World's quietest room & beamed into Space via the Big Bang Horn

‘Little Moth’ by Beatie Wolfe was recorded in the Nokia Bell Labs Anechoic Chamber (once the quietest room in the world) described by one New York Times journalist as “unplugged x 1000” 

This live track of Wolfe’s, written in tribute to Elliott Smith, was then beamed into Space via the Horn that proved the Big Bang and with the Nobel prize winning scientist making the first update to the Horn in 50yrs (classified a National History Landmark) to make it happen. The idea being that for the first time, the rawest sound would enter the rawest space, as a statement of our humanity at a time of increased auto-tuning, airbrushing, AI etc

Track CreditS

Vocals, Guitar, Producer, Songwriter - Beatie Wolfe
Engineer - Mark Fiore
Mixed - Tom Loffman
Mastered by - Soundwell

Distributed By - AWAL (Kobalt)
Copyright (c) - Beatie Wolfe
Phonographic Copyright (p) - Beatie Wolfe
Recorded - Nokia Bell Labs Anechoic Chamber

Back On Track

Released February  14th, 2017

Track recorded for Amazons Valentines Playlist



Distributed By - AWAL (Kobalt)
Copyright (c) - Beatie Wolfe
Phonographic Copyright (p) - Beatie Wolfe
Recorded - NUA Entertainment

Vocals, Guitar, Co-producer - Beatie Wolfe
Engineer, Co-producer - Tom Loffman
Mastered by - Ed Woods

Back On Track - Lyrics 

Sometimes when I’m proud
Sometimes call it always
Your silence feels so loud
Your looks, they seem so sideways

But you turn me around
And you make me see straight
And you sort me out
'Till I’m back on track

Sometimes when I’m mad
I don’t know what I’m saying
Words they come too fast
Like bullets I am spraying

But you stay so calm
And you act so gentle
And your hand takes mine
As it trembles

Darling I swear
We’ll sow our lives together
And this tender heart
I will give to you

Sometimes late at night
My faith begins to waver
My thoughts begin to turn
There’s nothing you can say dear

But you wait it out
Without knowing why
And you hold my face
As I cry

Darling I swear
We’ll sow our lives together
And this tender heart
I will give to you

Darling I swear
We’ll grow in life together
And each moment on
I’ll will share with you


(C) & (P) Beatie Wolfe 2016

Press Highlights

GQ Magazine - "Wolfe enraptured us with her smoky, captivating melodies about love and loss - the best concert this year!"

The Independent - "A unique guitar style and a voice that can carry off husky intros and belting climaxes, Wolfe is absolutely mesmerising" 

The New Scientist - "Haunting lyrics, so intimate, like the sound of secrets whispered under bed covers"

Huffington Post - "Beatie’s music is refreshingly low-fi and honest. It’s storytelling - no bells and whistles"

Monocle Magazine - "Montagu Square is a well made, expertly played, beautifully sung flip-it-over-and-play-again-album"

Sky News - "The British singer songwriter who’s at the cutting edge"

Mark Ellen (MOJO/Q/Word) - "Beatie’s music is terrific - the songs, lyrics, vocals, arrangements... incredible"

Wired Magazine - "Beatie creates highly innovative concepts that reinvent how the audience engages with her music and beautifully bring to life her captivating folk sounds"

KCRW - "The amazing and prolific Beatie Wolfe"

Jazziz - "Wolfe's music builds on raw poetic songs with lush, baroque pop string arrangements reminiscent of George Martin" 

Awards & Accolades 

Best Digital Artist // Nominee

Google Play Music nominated Beatie Wolfe for the 'Best Digital Artist' 2016 award alongside The 1975 & Alan Walker. Wolfe was the only independent artist nominated for the award

Nomination // Wired Magazine

Wired UK chose Beatie Wolfe as one of twenty-two changing the world in 2017 alongside Julie Hanna (President Obama's Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship) and Manal Al-Sharif

10 Game changers // High Snobiety

Highsnobiety named Beatie Wolfe as one of '10 Ways Music Will in Change 2017' alongside Grime, Bowie, Drake, T.I. and Rihanna

Future of Music // V&A (Musesum)

The V&A asked Wolfe to represent the "Future of Music" for it 'Records & Rebels' exhibition from the curators of 'David Bowie Is...'

Award // Best of Britain Innovation

Wolfe was selected to represent the best of British creativity and innovation at the IFB2016 and had an audience with the Queen

Broadcast Host // Pandora at SXSW

Beatie Wolfe co-hosted Pandora Radio's stage and livestream at SXSW in 2017 alongside rapper Phonte