Raw Space: The RAW SPACE Beam


The Documentary

A short film about Wolfe's "Raw Space Beam" was made by the award-winning production house The Mill. The documentary has its private preview at NASA's JPL with its first public screening at the LA Times NewStory festival, guest-curated by Beatie Wolfe. The film’s first screening in Europe was for Beatie Wolfe’s V&A exhibition, where it was viewed by 100,000 attendees

Special thanks to 'AT&T Archives and History Center' and 'Nokia Bell Labs Archives' for the Project Echo: The Big Bounce footage


The Rawest Sound enters the Rawest Space

Following its launch from the quietest room in the world, Raw Space was beamed into space via the historic Bell Labs Holmdel Horn Antenna, which was used to prove the validity of the Big Bang theory. Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr Robert Wilson (who discovered Cosmic Background Radiation) made the first update to this Historic National Landmark in 50 years to make sure the music of Raw Space got past the earth's atmosphere and into outer space. The Raw Space Beam was not the studio version of the album, but the raw anechoic version (no reverb, EQ or audio enhancements) recorded in the Nokia Bell Labs Anti-echo Chamber – Wolfe’s idea being that for the first time, raw anechoic sound would enter raw space as a true reflection of our humanity at a time of increased airbrushing, auto-tuning and AI