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The Utley Foundation's Patron, Beatie Wolfe, will continue her work in promoting the 'Power of Music and Dementia' with local care home performances, high profiles keynotes, press and media activations and actively encouraging others to endorse and support this vital work


Beatie Wolfe is enormously proud of her ongoing collaboration with The Utley Foundation. The Foundations friendship, advice and contribution to directly incurred expenses makes this all possible... Thank you!!


2018 Quarter One

This includes care home performances in San Diego, keynotes at SXSW and NASA's JPL

Beatie Wolfe plays San Diego care home

San Diego Care Home Performance

Beatie Wolfe and Blake Dean performed a 35 minute set in San Diego's main dementia ward with incredibly positive responses and reactions from the residents. They stayed afterwards to talk to the residents and hear how the music had affected them

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SXSW 2018

Beatie Wolfe held one of the principle discussions on the future of music with heads from Spotify, ATC Management, Music Exchange and Berklee's Professor of Music moderating. After much discussion about the new digital landscape for music, Beatie ended the hour long talk with Power of Music & Dementia to a rapturous response, with both the panelists and members of the audience saying afterwards that it was the only time they had heard music being talked about as medicine and how vital Beatie's message was.  

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Beatie Wolfe gave a keynote and performance at NASA's JPL to a full audience of scientists, engineers, astronauts. She shared her 'Power of Music & Dementia' project supported by The Utley Foundation. 

Instagram Stanford Medicine on Beatie Wolfe x Utley Foundation

Stanford Medicine feature 'Power of Music & Dementia' in an article about the positives effects of music on the brain

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Leading German broadsheet features Beatie Wolfe's MeConvention keynote on 'Power of Music & Dementia'


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Beatie Wolfe shares 'Power of Music & Dementia' with legendary scientist Freeman Dyson, who was best friends with Oliver Sacks

2018 quarter TWO

The next quarter builds on the first with the LA Times festival guest-curated by Beatie Wolfe bring the highlight. As curator Beatie Wolfe has introduced a Power of Music and Dementia section to the festival and its 150,000 visitors

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NewStory Festival (April 21st)

Talk Title: The Power of Music as Medicine – Celebrating the True Power of Music to Heal, Connect and Restore, from Dementia to Depression

Talk summary: A powerful, uplifting conversation between Moby-endorsed HealthTunes Founder Walter Werzowa, Stanford Medical Nusha Askari PhD and artist Beatie Wolfe (co-founder ‘Power of Music & Dementia’ study & Utley Foundation Patron) about the necessity of music for people living with conditions ranging from depression to Alzheimer’s and how music supports healing in hospitals and homes worldwide

Beatie Wolfe + Stanford + HealthTunes
LA Times NewStory Festival - Power of Music and Dementia Session

Daily Mail

Wolfe's ‘Power of Music & Dementia’ research project featured in the 'Mail on Sunday'. Huge thanks to The Utley Foundation for its continued support

Collision Music Notes Meet First speakers.jpg

Collision Festival

As the only artist addressing Collision (the US Web Summit) Beatie Wolfe is up alongside Billboard & Pandora's CEO sharing her musical innovations and Power of Music work


Digital Hollywood

Beatie Wolfe was invited to talk on panel alongside Facebook and YouTube about the importance of technology being used to connect and engage us (and of all ages)

2018 quarter Three


Beatie Wolfe at the V&A giving a dementia and music tour

Punchdrunk Care Home Programme

During her visit to London Beatie Wolfe checked in with Punchdrunk who shared the pictures from the care home installation Wolfe was a part of

Beatie Wolfe's V&A exhibition for LDF -  Whole Gallery on Sunday.JPG

Beatie Wolfe shares her story at the V&A

For 9 days Beatie Wolfe talked to the visitors of her album exhibition which included her Power of Music and Dementia work with the Foundation

Andy who lives with Dementia at the V&A

With the V&A and Wolfe’s exhibition attracting a wide audience a number of people living with dementia joined the tour. One who that spent a great deal of time with was Andy and his wife


2018 quarter Four


Mercedes Magazine profile Wolfe’s POM

Click on the image to read the full article which was published in She Mercedes Magazine following an interview at SXSW’s MeConvention

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UN Women invite Beatie Wolfe to Inspire

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