The Mill and Wolfe bring the Raw Space Beam to life

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The Raw Space Beam

The Mill worked closely with innovator and singer-songwriter Beatie Wolfe and Lonelyleap Film to bring 'The Raw Space Beam' to life. The piece, which premiered at the 2018 LA Times Festival of Books, features a combination of live-action and archival footage, a series of animations that illuminate the scientific process behind the narrative, as well as a colour grade that fits the dynamic visuals and unique tone of the film. 

Colourist Gregory Reese comments, “It was a such a pleasure having the ability to sit and work with an artist who is so central to project, as you’re able to really engage with them in an intimate atmosphere.”  

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Beatie Wolfe

Production Company: 
Lonelyleap Film


Production Company: Lonelyleap Film

Editorial: The Mill

Editor: Victor Jory

VFX Production: The Mill

Executive Producer: Arielle Davis

Producer: James Morse

VFX Creative: The Mill

Creative Director: Clarice Chin

Animation: Patrick Kipper, Greg Rubner

Design: Patrick Kipper, Greg Rubner, Eunhae Yoo

Colour: The Mill

Colourist: Gregory Reese

Executive Producer, Colour: Thatcher Peterson

Colour Producer: Diane Valera

Sound: Soundwell