Beatie Wolfe's 2017 Highlights

Here's looking back at some of my 2017 gold moments:

1. Being named a game changer by WIRED, Highsnobiety and Vice
2. Creating the world's first live 360 AR stream (or anti-steam) for Raw Space with the amazing minds at Bell Labs & Design I/O
3. Hosting Pandora's stage & livestream at SXSW across two days 
4. Broadcasting Raw Space into Space through the Horn that proved the "Big Bang" and with the Nobel Prize winning scientist who made the discovery
5. BBC World Service premiering my live AR performance of "Little Moth" 
6. Performing to Stephen Fry in the quietest room in the world
7. Writing the first original story for Calm 'Sleep Stories' (which just won Apple's App of Year) 
8. Loving every minute of it! Thank you to all of you who have made it so magical