Punchdrunk's Immersive Dementia Theatre in collab w/t Beatie Wolfe

Beatie Wolfe brings her dementia projects learnings and music to Greenhive Green

Beatie Wolfe brings music to GHG

Beatie Wolfe brings music to GHG

Beatie Wolfe and the Punchdrunk team

Beatie Wolfe and the Punchdrunk team

Welcome to Greenhive Green


The village of Greenhive Green are forming a committee. Each week they’ll gather in the village square, drink tea and take part in activities. All is quiet in Greenhive Green, until an unexpected discovery and a boarded-up flower shop cause a bit of a stir...

Photos by Paul Cochrane and Stephen Dobbie

Punchdrunk Enrichment transformed a room in the care home into a beautiful village green, complete with a florist’s shop, phone box, foliage and the smell of fresh cut grass. Residents gathered weekly in the fictional world for committee meetings that were part-soap opera, part-game and part-workshop.

Thanks to singer-songwriter Beatie Wolfe for performing to the committee and helping them choose their village anthem.


Learn more about Beatie Wolfe's Power of Music and Dementia project HERE