Future Human (podcast) Ep 3 - E.A.T x Beatie Wolfe

Great to be featured in this podcast series by Sandy Smallens & audiation.fm for Nokia Bell Labs. Enjoy!

Episode 3 

The latest chapter of the Bell Labs relaunch of Experiments In Art and Technology – E.A.T., a 50-years long collaboration between artists and engineers – features a first-of-its-kind album premiere: Beatie Wolfe performing live in one of the quietest rooms in the world, as the imagery and lyrics of her songs come to life around her via Augmented Reality. Forget about a “lyric video” – this is like waking up inside a song. Could this be the future of how music artists perform? We check in with various experts to get the scoop.

The songs from this episode are featured on Beatie’s just-released new album, “Raw Space,” available at:  https://www.beatiewolfe.com/music/#music-raw-space-section.

Future Human is a presentation of Nokia Bell Labs, produced by audiation.fm.

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