Taylor Guitars makeover of my 15-year old guitar

I bought this guitar on Denmark Street 15 years ago and have since never played a show with another acoustic guitar. I’ve taken it onboard many a plane, from Australia to Munich, mainly with ease but sometimes with some sweat and tears involved. There is blood on the inside from playing songs like “Pure Being” when my fingers would be raw from strumming without a pick. There’s a bald patch on the front wood from aggressively strumming songs like “11:07.” I love those marks of time but the inside battery pack which had become a mess of wires was a little less appealing.

So the Taylor guys kindly offered to give my guitar a proper makeover while keeping all the idiosyncrasies intact. This was part of the process.. Thank you guys so much!!

Taylor-BeatieWolfe-Guitar-_I2A8796 copy.jpg
Taylor-BeatieWolfe-Guitar-_I2A8806 copy.jpg
Taylor-BeatieWolfe-Guitar-_I2A8850 copy.jpg