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Beatie Wolfe: The Art of Music in the Digital Age

Back at the V&A, musician and technology innovator Beatie Wolfe will be exploring “what design for music can mean in the digital age” by presenting a series of album innovations. Among the pieces on show will be the rather Cage-esque “world’s first anti-stream from the quietest room on earth,” in collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs and Design I/O; as well as a “3D vinyl for the phone” (huh?); an “intelligent album deck of cards;” and a musical jacket designed by Mr. Fish, the tailor who dressed Bowie, made from BeatWoven fabric woven with Wolfe’s music.

Visitors will also be able to experience Wolfe’s Raw Space Chamber, an anechoic chamber providing a “ceremonial listening experience” alongside live AR animations that bring the album’s artwork and lyrics to life in real-time. All details here.

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