Barbican exhibition joins documentary premiere in October

From Green To Red

An Environmental Statement of Our Times

Beatie Wolfe at Mount Wilson by Ross Harris.jpg

Art rebel Beatie Wolfe creates a stirring environmental art piece about human impact on the planet, built using 800,000 years of historic data.

Can the union of art, music and technology provoke social change? UN role model for innovation Beatie Wolfe and award winning SFX company The Mill reimagine the music video format (and protest song), taking the audience on a journey through the planet’s timeline via an immersive, endlessly evolving, interactive art piece.

From Green to Red (taken from the title of a song Wolfe wrote in 2006 after seeing An Inconvenient Truth) will track the impact of human behaviour on the planet, using 800,000 years of historic data to create a stirring visualization of the CO2 concentration in the Earth’s atmosphere. 'It’s part music video and part protest song', Wolfe says. 'And entirely a statement of our times'.

8 Oct 2019,Life Rewired Hub