Beatie Wolfe w/ Walter Werzowa — Orange Juice for the Ears (07.28.19)


ep.04 Health: Beatie Wolfe interviews Austrian sound inventor (of the ubiquitous Intel bong) and HealthTunes [[link:]] founder Walter Werzowa about the power of music to heal, connect and restore, from dementia to depression. Listen again to this dublab radio show which takes you from awakening to transcendence via the thread of music.

Orange Juice for the Ears with “musical weirdo and visionary” (Vice) Beatie Wolfe explores the power of music across Space, Science, Art, Health, Film & Technology by talking to the leading luminaries in each field from Nobel Prize winners to multi-platinum producers and hearing the music that has most impacted them, their “Orange Juice for the Ears”. Beatie Wolfe is an artist who has beamed her music into space, been appointed a UN Women role model for innovation and held an acclaimed solo exhibition at the V&A Museum. Wolfe is also the founder of a "profound" (The Times) research study looking at the power of music for people living with dementia.

Walter Werzowa’s Orange Juice for the Ears

  • First song that imprinted? “Nutbush City Limits” by Tina Turner & Ike

  • First album that shaped who you are? Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd - track played "Shine On You Crazy Diamond”

  • The music you would send into Space? Mozart’s Requiem (Lacrimosa, Karajan)

  • The Song you would have at your memorial? “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” by Willie Nelson

  • The Album you would pass onto your kids? Harvest by Neil Young - track played “Heart of Gold”

The show opens with “True Love Will Find You In The End” by Daniel Johnston, a track Beatie Wolfe most associates with Walter Werzowa.

Listen again to episode 04 on LA’s legendary radio station that airs globally… HERE

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Walter Werzowa on Beatie Wolfe's dublab radio show
Walter Werzowa on dublab with Beatie Wolfe
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