Nominated for the "Best Digital Artist" Award

Beatie Wolfe's been nominated for the "Best Digital Artist" award which is the headline category for music:)ally's International Digital Music Awards. The nominee's are...

Alan Walker | Sony Music Sweden
The Daydream Club | Right Chord Music
The 1975 | Dirty Hit & Polydor
& Beatie Wolfe

Ahead of the award Beatie Wolfe would like to thank the following collaborators without whom this would not have been possible..

  • MOO for making paper sound so damn good

  • BeatWoven for turning 'Take Me Home' into pure gold

  • Mr Fish for giving me the style of Bowie with the attitude of Hendrix

  • Bell Labs for turning a live performance into a work of art

The awards are announced in London on October 26th 2016. To see a full list of the award categories click HERE

Beatie Wolfe BEst Digital Artist Nominee